Finally! A patient's and caregivers handbook written from the accumulated experience and knowledge of resilient people who have gone through just about every major medical crisis imaginable.

You get to tap into that wisdom, right here, right now!

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More About Jim's Incredible Story

Hi I'm Jim,

I educate, train and help create a new breed of patient and caregiver called the High Performance Patient and Caregiver. Why? I am a cancer survivor and a brain tumor patient who also happens to be an expert in the field of healthcare, and I have been where you are. It is way harder to be a patient than it has to be. And I want to help you. Like you, I’ve been through the ringer but after 10 years of traditional and non-traditional medical care, I discovered how to become an empowered, high performing patient that literally saved my life – and I can teach you too!

The Playbook is designed to vastly accelerate your learning curve and provide you with empowering resources so that you can face any health condition or crisis as a confident, High Performing Patient or Caregiver.

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Need More Help? Wingman Consulting takes the patient and caregivers empowering experience one step further by offering a range of individual, highly personal interactive resources critical to not just surviving but thriving during intense and complex medical situations.

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