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Smart Patient Academy

What do we do?

Hi. My name is Jim Skinner, founder of The Smart Patient Academy. Three years ago I founded this company to educate, train and create a new breed of patient and caregiver that we refer to as a "High Performance Patients" (HPP) and "High Performance Caregivers" (HPCG).

To do this the Smart Patient Academy produces education products, training courses and tools that enable people to extract the maximum value out of the healthcare system possible for any situation.

Why Smart Patient Academy?

I am a cancer survivor and a brain tumor patient who also happens to be an expert in the field of healthcare, and I have been where you are. It is way harder to be a patient than it has to be.

And I want to help you. Why? Simply because and I was fortunate to survive, and even thrive. Given these blessings it would be unethical to sit back and watch others struggle when I know I can shorten a patient or caregiver learning curve from years to days.

How do we know this stuff?

I'm here to tell you:

You can take control of your healthcare situation.

You can make the healthcare system work for you, not against you.

You can conquer confusion, fear, and intimidation. And you don't have to wait for a healthcare crisis.

And best of all, what you'll learn will change the quality of your lifeā€”in sickness or in health.

Let me thank you for visiting!

Learn how High Performance Patients operate so you can become one too.

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