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The Opportunity Coach

Toolbox for the High Performance Patient and Caregiver

Welcome to The Opportunity Coach - the only training system of its kind for High Performance Patients (HPPs) and High Performance Caregivers (HPCGs). The "Opp Coach," as well like to call it, is so new and innovative that we had to make up the vocabulary to describe the process and its impact. The Opp Coach is the product of more than a decade of research and personal experiences with hundreds of patients and caregivers in almost every situation you can imagine.

In our research we discovered common models of behavior that enable people to develop that elusive quality we call resilience - a critical life-skill we all need for nearly any medical challenge. The cool part is you can become resilient too. Here is how.

The essence of resilience boils down to an ability to substitute empowering emotion for negative and toxic emotion. That's right. At its core, resilience is an emotion substitution process. HPPs and HPCGs get good at activating empowering "super emotions" that become more powerful and effective as the adversity around them increases. HPPs use these super emotions as "resilience filters" or "perception filters" to:The Opportunity Coach

Can you imagine how powerful this skill could be for you right now? In our interviews of HPPs on our podcast Stories With A Purpose, virtually every one of them describe this resilience development learning curve and adaptive behavior as: "The one skill they know now, but wish they had known when they began the process."

Just as a sailor captures the wind and uses it to power forward, emotions like humor, kindness, trust and forgiveness become pathways for transforming adversity into an opportunities to grow, to expand freedom or to fulfill a life purpose. And the key that unlocks the door to our super emotions is the natural process of becoming deeply grateful.

The Opp Coach is built on a foundation of gratitude simply because it is the most powerful catalyst or neuro-emotional pathway to accessing our resilience filters. This discovery alone can dramatically improve the quality of your life in sickness or in health.

While this is an easy concept to communicate and understand, it is not easy to do when the proverbial 'excrement hits the fan.' It is kind of like turning into a skid when your car is spinning. Gratitude is completely counter to what your brain is telling you to feel, but it exactly what you need to recover from the emotional spin that will happen when the intensity of a medical challenge gets high enough.

We created The Opp Coach to work as your emotional gyroscope. It is the only patient/caregiver training system that takes you through the 'resilience ladder' and cuts your patient and caregiver learning curve down from years of trial and error, to weeks or even a few days for the really quick learners.

To be clear, The Opp Coach is not substitute for your prayer life, your mediation or mindfulness practice, yoga, or any other process you follow to trigger healing and get an emotional lift. The Opp Coach simply makes all of these practices more effective and possibly quicker.

We show you how to create your own emotional nutrition that triggers a healing response. We call this "inside-out healthcare" because you work at healing from the inside-out, while the doctor works at curing from the outside-in. Your new role as patient is to meet in the middle and co-create the most optimal outcome possible for you.

And when curing is not possible, healing is always in your control. You can achieve a peace of mind in almost any situation. In short, you can still "win" even when a cure is not possible. And just know that is a really big deal!

As you can imagine, building our resilience takes work. This is not a quick fix, consumable product. The Opp Coach takes your commitment. Like any other resistance training program, becoming a resilient HPP or HPCG works in stages. The Opp Coach is broken down into three modules or levels that get progressively harder. The progression looks like this:

This is how The Opportunity Coach works.

Realize the emotion and the circumstance don't own you. You observe them from a state of mindful awareness. This is not avoidance of the emotion, but objective observation of it. Let go of the illusion of control, the illusion self-reliance, the excessive focus on the adversity.

Discern opportunity during the chaos and turbulence. It is there. Seeing the opportunity is a matter of your state of mind and the questions you ask. Learn how to see through the eyes of gratitude. It is a skill. Trusting your instinct requires you to listen to your soul, not the outside circumstances that steal your attention.

When you know the turbulence of emotion and circumstance don't own you, you feel a great sense of freedom. Have some fun in the midst of the turmoil. Humor works. Celebrate! Remember the things that feed your soul and do them again. The art of play is curative.

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