Winning the Game of Healthcare

You'll finally hear your voice - that of the patient and the caregiver whose cries for guidance, strategy and tools are finally heard and answered

Smart Patient - Smart Money

Smart Patient, Smart Money

Smart Patient – Smart Money

The Essential Playbook for the New Healthcare Consumer

What if you could hold the key to saving hundreds of dollars on healthcare, receive the care you're entitled to, and have fun while learning how?

Disguised in an easy-to-read, humorous format, Smart Patient – Smart Money: The Essential Playbook for the New Healthcare Consumer offers practical, creative solutions to common-and frequently overwhelming-issues encountered by nearly everyone who has paid a medical bill. With eighteen years as an insurance consultant and his own experience as a cancer patient, author Jim Skinner-founder of the Smart Patient Academy-has been "your honorary test monkey in our healthcare system." Sparked by his honest, realistic approach, you'll learn how to:

Employing no-nonsense explanations, personal anecdotes, and relatable examples, Smart Patient – Smart Money takes the guesswork away and puts you where you belong-in personal and financial control of the care you deserve.

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